Top Kitchen Faucet Repair Questions

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Top-rated, local plumbers available today to help you with kitchen faucet repair in Laguna Beach, CA.Do you have a kitchen faucet that isn’t working quite as it should? Don’t let this minor obstacle turn into a reason not to enjoy your kitchen. At Laguna Beach Speedy Plumbing and Rooter, we handle all kinds of kitchen faucet repair and are ready to answer any questions you may have. Here are just a few of the inquires we get on a daily basis.

Why It My Kitchen Faucet Leaking?

Faucets leaks for a couple of reasons. You may have a seal that needs to be replaced or the aerator could be dirty. The handle may be broken causing it not to turn off the water fully. To know for sure why your faucet isn’t shutting off it’s best to call a Laguna Beach plumber for a quick evaluation.

How Long Can I Expect My Faucet to Work?

Faucets can last for a decent period of time depending on the amount of wear and tear they receive. For example, a faucet in a guest bathroom may last several years longer than a kitchen faucet because it doesn’t experience as much day-to-day use.

Shouldn’t My Expensive, Higher-End Faucet Work Better for Longer?

Not necessarily. Value-priced faucets can work just as well as more expensive models. What matters most is how often the faucet is handled and if problems are addressed quickly. Homeowners who take action quickly when they notice the faucet leaking will have fewer needs for replacement regardless of the fixture’s price or brand name.

Do I Really Need Professional Kitchen or Bathroom Faucet Installation?

Handy homeowners may be able to install a new faucet without any problems. However, at Laguna Beach Speedy Plumbing and Rooter, we always recommend professional installation service. The reason for this recommendation is that when you hire a licensed plumber to install a faucet, you can feel confident that the fixture was installed correctly. You won’t have to worry about leaks and if there are problems due to the installation all repairs would be covered under the plumber’s labor warranty.

If you need kitchen faucet repair in Laguna Beach, CA, give us a call at your convenience. We’ll get a plumber to you in 90 minute or less – day, night, or weekend.

How to Find a Good Emergency Plumbing Repair Service

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

emergency-plumbing-repair-serviceThere are some projects that we spend months planning in advance like hiring a caterer for a party or choosing a landscaper to create a retaining wall in the backyard. These kinds of things don’t require swift decisions, but when you have an overflowing toilet or a busted sewer line, you don’t have time to mess around finding emergency plumbing repair service in Laguna Beach, CA. You need an expert plumber with all the tools and knowledge now!

If you live in the Laguna Beach area, we want you to call us – Laguna Beach Speedy Plumbing and Rooter.  We’ll get to you in under 90 minutes and never charge more for emergency repairs. But, what if you’re not in the area? Well, here are some tips for finding the best 24 hour plumber no matter where you live.

Choose a 24 Hour Plumber with a Flat Rate

Some emergency plumbing services charge extra for after hour service. They may charge a sky-high hourly rate after regular business hours. Luckily for you, not all plumbers adhere to these practices. Many licensed plumbers offer the same great, flat rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  That’s the emergency plumbing repair service you want to work with.

Don’t Be Fooled by Over the Phone Pricing

We get it. We know that emergency plumbing issues weren’t factored into your budget. We also know that it’s nice to know how much something is going to cost before you set aside time to have someone come to your home. But here’s the problem with over the phone pricing. It’s not usually accurate. To get the most accurate estimate, you need a plumber to inspect and diagnose the problem in person.

Pro tip: Choose a company that offers free estimates like Laguna Beach Speedy Plumbing and Rooter.

Don’t let unexpected plumbing problems leave you in a pickle! Give your top-rated, local, licensed plumber in Laguna Beach, CA, a call the moment you notice an issue that needs your attention now and not later.

Why Do You Need Sewer Line Repair?

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Sewer line repair in Laguna Beach by Best Local PlumbersFor many of our customers in Laguna Beach, the question of when they need a sewer line repair is a very easy one to answer. After all, when your lawn is bubbling or your toilet is gurgling it’s not hard to identify that something has unfortunately gone awry with your sewage, septic, or water main. The only question that remains is, “Why is this happening to me?”

Laguna Beach Speedy Plumbing and Rooter has the answers.

Reason #1 : Things That Are Beyond Your Control

The ground around your home is very unpredictable. Unfortunately, it’s also where your water main, sewer line, and many other important components running to your home are located. One of the biggest causes for a sewer line repair is when something underground compromises the path between the city and your home. Tree roots are one of the biggest culprits in this area. Rodents and other animals can also make their way into your sewage line wreaking incredible havoc. Although there’s nothing you can do to prevent this, an annual inspection can identify the damage early.

Reason #2 : Changes in the Area

Although not technically in your control, some sewer line repair needs stem from changes between when your home was built and when the problems developed. A very frequent cause, especially in rapidly developing Laguna Beach areas, is new construction around your property. Not only could the machinery used in the build have disrupted your sewer line, so could the effects of consistent increased traffic over time.

Reason #3 : Irresponsible Operation

The self-inflicted causes of sewer line repairs are the worst, mostly because they are largely preventable. If you’re flushing baby diapers or towelettes down the toilet, you’re only creating a powder keg for future problems. Failing to get annual maintenance also increases the risk that you’ll need sewer line repair in the future.

For a complete sewer line inspection, call the pros at Laguna Beach Speedy Plumbing and Rooter today!

3 Ways Plumbing Companies Help their Customers Save Money

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Local plumbers save Laguna Beach residents money on sewer line repairIf you are interested in saving money while enjoying the convenience of modern day plumbing, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll tell you more about how the following technologies can benefit your home.


Up until the late 90s, people were literally flushing money down the toilet. Up until that point, toilets used up to five gallons of water per flush. Then regulations were passed limiting one flush to a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water. If you figure the average American flushes four times a day that is a savings of 12 gallons per day. Newer toilets now have dual flush for liquid waste and another for solid waste. The solid flush still uses 1.6 gallons, but the liquid one only uses .8 gallons. That could save almost 6000 gallons per year and quite a bit of money.

Hot Water

Anybody that has waited for the shower water to heat up may not realize how much money is going down the drain. A conservative estimate would suggest that a person could waste up to a gallon of water before the water heats up to a comfortable temperature. As you might be able to ascertain from this example, tank water heater is not the most efficient way to heat water.

New, on-demand water heaters have a heating element at the faucet that heats the water instantly, instead of storing it in a tank. But, these on-demand faucet heaters can only heat so much water at one time, making them ineffective for filling a bathtub or taking a shower.

There are also circulating pumps that are used in conjunction with a tank style heater. The pumps loop the cold water that usually goes down the drain back to the tank and cycle the hot water into its place. The recirculating pump still uses a tank water heater, but eliminates the need to run the water waiting for it to heat up.

Controlling Your Water Bill

If you are interested in learning how these new technologies can help you save money, contact Laguna Beach Speedy Plumbing and Rooter to find out how you can install these items in your home. Although there may be an initial investment, the savings you will accrue over time will be worth the upfront cost.